AirSpotifySpeaker ACAP enables Spotify Connect on Axis Speakers


AirSpotifySpeaker ACAP Streaming Audio to Axis Speakers

via Spotify Connect


Haoyutek AirSpotify ACAP Application is designed for Axis audio speakers and supports Axis C1410, C1211-E, C1310-E, C1510 (ARTPEC-6 and above chipsets) devices. By implementing Spotify Connect functionality, users can stream music from Spotify directly to these Axis speakers.

Spotify Connect introduction



  • Spotify Premium Account
  • Axis C1410, C1211-E, C1310-E, C1510(ARTPEC-6 and above chipset)


Key Features:

  1. Spotify Connect Support: The application allows users to stream music from Spotify to Axis speakers using the built-in Spotify Connect feature. Users can select and play their favorite music directly from the Spotify app.
  2. Wireless Streaming: Users can wirelessly stream music to Axis speakers via Wi-Fi network without the need for any wired connections. This provides a convenient and seamless music playback experience.
  3. High-Quality Audio: Axis speakers utilize advanced audio technology and high-quality speaker units to deliver exceptional sound quality and music performance.
  4. Easy Setup and Usage: Users simply need to install and configure the Haoyutek AirSpotify ACAP application on Axis speakers and enable Spotify Connect functionality on their Spotify app. Once the connection is established, users can start playing music on Axis speakers by simply tapping the play button in the Spotify app.

User Guide:

  1. ACAP Installation: Install the Haoyutek AirSpotify ACAP application on Axis speakers. Follow the installation and configuration guide for Axis ACAP applications.
  2. Set Device Password on Spotify: Go to the Spotify official account settings page and set a device password. This password will be used in Step 3.
  3. Configure ACAP: ClickAccess the settings page of the ACAP application. Name the speakers and enter the Spotify account and the password set in Step 2. Manually restart the ACAP for the settings to take effect.
  4. Spotify Connect Functionality: On the device using the Spotify app, ensure that the Wi-Fi settings are properly connected to the same network as the Axis speakers. Open the Spotify app, play music, and locate the Spotify Connect icon. Select the Axis speakers as the output device for music playback.
  5. Music Playback: Choose the desired music from the Spotify app and press the play button. The music will be wirelessly streamed through Spotify Connect to the Axis speakers and start playing.
  6. Control and Switching: Use the volume control and playback controls on the Spotify app to adjust the music volume, pause/play, skip tracks, etc. Users can also switch Spotify Connect sources to play music from different devices.


  • Ensure that both the Haoyutek AirSpotify ACAP application and the software on the relevant devices are up to date for optimal compatibility and functionality.
  • The application may require coordination with the Spotify app. Please ensure you have a valid Spotify Premium account to use the Spotify Connect feature.

Thank you for using the Haoyutek AirSpotify ACAP Application. We hope you enjoy the seamless Spotify music streaming experience on Axis speakers through Spotify Connect!

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